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Culture @ iRunway
An intellectually charged workplace and a peer group where every individual is a technology connoisseur - iRunway offers the perfect ground to stimulate your mind, and interact closely with experts who work with cutting-edge technology.

Kalyan Banerjee
Director - Delivery (US operations)

"Three aspects of iRunway delight me -- absolute meritocracy coupled with an extraordinary peer group , interaction with senior people (innovators & litigators) and spearheading the Knowledge Management initiative which is aimed at acquiring, using and sharing IP knowledge across the organization."

Bineet Singh
Assistant Vice President

"The one thing that distinguishes iRunway from any other workplace is the nature of work itself -- I have worked with senior attorneys and technology experts on multi-million dollar lawsuits. It's an experience in itself."

Vamsi Krishna Gottipati
Consultant - Lead Telecom Practice

"Working at iRunway has exposed me to a greater level of client interaction and responsibility than would be experienced at a larger firm, thus allowing me to develop my professional skills at an accelerated rate."

Michael Anderson
Technical Associate

"Working at iRunway over the past year has been challenging, exciting, and invigorating. I've worked in different IP litigations involving a variety of technologies and have been given the opportunity to play a role in building the organization and shaping the culture of the company."

Eddy Chiueh
Technical Associate

"iRunway has provided me the wonderful opportunity to work with some of the best litigators in the US legal system, which is extremely challenging yet rewarding at the same time. One may find life is a bit on the edge here, which requires perfect time management."

Narek Asadorian
Technical Associate

"At iRunway, we take complicated, esoteric engineering concepts and turn them into razor sharp evidence to help our clients win big in the courtroom. Some companies occasionally tell their employees to "think outside the box", but at iRunway this is the norm."

Subhasri Das

"Learning about state of the art technologies and interacting with the brightest minds of the country gives me a sense of elation in working at iRunway. The workplace is a perfect blend of people, work and fun."

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