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iRunway is proud to attract the best and brightest engineers. Our team comprises of the top 2% of graduates and post graduates from the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Stanford, Berkeley, UT Austin, UCLA, NYU with expertise in multiple technology domains such as telecom, software, semiconductor, networking, web technologies and bio-medical devices.

Our consultants undergo rigorous training in all aspects of IP and litigation. The team regularly works with senior counsel in leading law firms and has considerable experience assisting in complex, high-stakes patent and technology litigations. The team's technical expertise combined with their understanding of the nuances of patent law enables us to communicate effectively with engineers, scientists and lawyers.

It is the creative, unconventional problem solving ability of our consultants that helps us drive better outcome for our clients. Our consultants often go beyond the traditional approach to help lawyers find the best evidence – delving deep into the archives of university libraries and analyzing parallels in an open source ecosystem to successfully reverse engineer proprietary products.

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