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iRunway to Expand Presence in Austin, Palo Alto

Technology Research Firm in Patent Litigation Seeks Top Talent from Leading Grad Schools in the U.S.

AUSTIN, TX (US), March 27, 2012

iRunway, a technology research firm specializing in litigation support and patent portfolio analysis, is expanding its technical consulting team in the United States and recently launched a recruitment effort to seek top engineering talent for its offices in Austin, Texas and Palo Alto, Calif.

iRunway uses intricate product and source code analyses, evidence mining and infringement analysis to help corporations and law firms unlock and protect the value of technology patents. The company’s deep technology expertise enables law firms to identify and isolate critical technical evidence of infringement or non-infringement, thus improving litigation outcomes.

“iRunway seeks experienced engineers and engineering graduates from leading schools such as UT Austin, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Purdue and Georgia Tech,” said Brajesh Khare, Head of Human Resources at iRunway. “We are expanding our operations in the U.S. in response to growing demand for swift and thoughtful technical insights from alleged products and related source code during complex, high-stakes patent litigation.”

“The ongoing patent-related legal battles, frequently referred to as the ‘patent wars,’ continue to escalate,” said Animesh Kumar, Chief Solutioning Officer at iRunway. “Not surprisingly, corporations and law firms are seeking more efficient and effective tools in their efforts to fight these technology battles.”

Kumar added that the key to a favorable outcome in litigation has proven to be critical insight on the key element of the disputed product – the evidence. Law firms involved in the growing technology patent arena are increasingly relying on technical insights to win lawsuits and are beginning to use highly trained, special-ops-style SWAT teams of technologists whose specific task is finding targeted evidence.

“Many engineering grads opt for law school and a career in law after a few years in the technology world,” said Khare. “iRunway also expects to find interest among those engineers who might be considering law and specifically IP, because the company offers a strong career path and hands-on experience working with lawyers in patent litigation. By the third year, a typical iRunway consultant has worked on about 12 to 15 technology patent litigations.”

Since 2006, iRunway has supported more than 40 law firms, both plaintiff and defense counsel, in more than 80 technology patent litigation matters. The company has helped clients achieve more than $600 million in favorable patent settlements and jury verdicts.

iRunway has offices in Austin, Texas, Palo Alto, Calif., and Bangalore, India, and has announced that it is preparing to open new locations in New York and Washington, D.C., to serve the growing needs of clients.

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iRunway helps corporations and law firms unlock and protect the value of patents by combining technology expertise with practical business insight to monetize patent portfolios and improve litigation outcomes. For more information about the company’s consulting model and in-depth analysis, visit www.i-Runway.com

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