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Multi-Million in Settlements through Litigation 'Unbundling'

"I think of myself as a Soccer coach – My job is to decide which player to use, where, and when – in order to win. With iRunway, I have a much deeper bench. Their analysis and insight across the litigation process provide huge value to me and my clients"

Managing Partner

In 2010, the client – one of the most successful plaintiff law firms in the country – represented multiple corporations in 14 patent lawsuits against Fortune 500 technology companies in domains including networking, software security and virtualization.

To deliver the best possible outcome to clients at the lowest cost, the law firm created an extended litigation support model by engaging with iRunway. The iRunway team – with complementary technology skills - served as an intelligent and inexpensive leverage for the firm's lean litigation team.

Early Evidence = Faster, Better Results

iRunway's capabilities around "technical archeology" regularly unearthed meaningful insight from overwhelming amounts of data. Their deep-dives on the defendant's source code have consistently worked as a trump card:

  • In a lawsuit against a Fortune 50 software company, the team analyzed over 50,000 pages of technical literature/ API references and found key infringement evidence. IRunway's declaration was successfully used during mediation to counter the non-infringement contentions of the defendant.
  • In another lawsuit in the field of 'network bandwidth management' involving multiple defendants, iRunway collected crucial evidence from over 22 million lines of source code, helping the team prove infringement.
  • IRunway reverse engineered a product workflow in the field of software protection and anti-hacking in less than 10 days to demonstrate infringement. iRunway's declaration and support during depositions was vital.

From case evaluation to fact-discovery and markman preparation, the 'on-demand' engagement model allowed the law firm to scale at the speed of need.

Better Outcome

The law firm won multi-million dollar settlements for its clients – through world-class and aggressive lawyering, supported by iRunway's insights and technical evidence.

For the law firm, it's ultimately about leverage and scale - the 'follow-the-sun' operational model and technology 'unbundling' with iRunway helped their lawyers drive faster and better results.


Corporate Overview