• iRunway
Responding to Patent Assertions: Dramatically Cutting Time and Cost

"With iRunway, we can now evaluate or triage the prior art landscapes at the speed of need – in weeks, not months."

Senior Legal Counsel

The client, a Fortune 50 technology and business solutions provider, receives threat letters and patent infringement contentions on an ongoing basis. Looking for an alternative to an expensive and time consuming process, the client turned to iRunway to help triage this inflow of patent threats.

Deeper Insight

iRunway began by assembling an extension of the client's legal group – a core team of technologists who understand not just their business, but product and service lines across other companies and the industry.

Armed with deep technical insight, the iRunway team is able to quickly and effectively determine the prior art relevant to each assertion, and provide the client with the information that helps to make the right business decision. iRunway does this in time frames measured in weeks, not months, and does so very efficiently in terms of overall cost to the client.

Better Outcome

With the extended iRunway team in place, the client is now able to evaluate the prior art landscape of patent assertions – at the speed of need, and at a fraction of cost of the previous process.


Corporate Overview