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iRunway has successfully helped different stakeholders in the IP ecosystem unlock and protect the value of patents.

Patent Renewal Analysis: Fortune 100 Semiconductor Company

Background: A fortune 100 semiconductor company with thousands of patent assets wanted to identify opportunities to optimize portfolio maintenance cost. The company had shortlisted a set of 1,700+ patents for which the 2nd maintenance fee was due. The client partnered with iRunway to analyze and identify patents which could be abandoned and thereby optimize the portfolio maintenance cost.

Insight Delivered: The 1,700+ patents covered diverse technology domains such as semiconductor circuits, process technology, wireless devices and networks, software and security. The team adopted a structured approach to analyze these patents across multiple parameters and identify relatively low value assets that could be abandoned.

  • Market relevance of patents: The team analyzed each patent in terms of the protection it provided to their products/ solutions, how core was the patent to the technology domain, competitive landscape, etc.
  • Enforceability of patents: Reviewed the patents for ease of detecting infringement and the cost of acquiring evidence to potentially determine infringement.
  • Technology activity: iRunway analyzed the research activity around each patent, the number of forward citations and the technology area of the patent under consideration.

Outcome: iRunway identified around 11% of the 1,700+ patents to be of relatively lower value and recommended that the client not renew the maintenance for identified patents.

22 Diamonds From 4000-Patent Portfolio = Millions in Licensing Revenue Download PDF »

Background: A leading research organization headquartered in Taiwan had built a strategic portfolio of around 4000 patents. As part of its monetization program, the team partnered with iRunway to mine the portfolio, identify its ‘STAR’ patents and enforce them against a leading consumer electronics manufacturer.

Insight Delivered: iRunway adopted a hybrid solution in order to help the client monetize its patent assets i.e. a technology platform to mine the portfolio + technical experts to prove infringement.

  • Improved visualization & filtering of patents in portfolio: iRunway’s in-house application COMPASSSM was used for customized classification of 4000 patents into 15 different categories – aligned to defendant’s product categories. The team, in discussion with lawyers, selected 400+ patents from product categories with maximum scope of monetization and infringement detectability.
  • Identifying key assets: Our consultants analyzed and prepared detailed ‘product-claim’ map for all 400 patents and shortlisted 22 patents based on extent of overlap and patent strength.
  • Infringement analysis & PICs: The team reverse engineered relevant products and prepared claim-charts capturing the best evidence of infringement.

Outcome: The client filed 4 litigations against the consumer electronics manufacturer covering these 22 patents. The strong evidence found during the preparatory phase strengthened its negotiating position and provided the client a potential to generate millions of dollars in licensing revenue.

Uncovering New Licensing Opportunities with Enhanced Patent Visualization Download PDF »

Background: All set to unlock value from its portfolio of 2800 patents, a Fortune 50 technology and business solutions provider approached iRunway to help build its portfolio management and analytical system. Given the complexity of this strategic patent portfolio, our team mapped the patents into a flexible and consumable form identifying potential business opportunities.

Insight Delivered:The client engaged iRunway to ensure that the in-house team had a comprehensive view of the value of its entire portfolio.

  • iRunway scored and codified each and every patent – not just what existed in the patent data, but through in-depth human analysis.
  • At client's request, iRunway then mapped this learning into a database and online tool (COMPASSSM) for its in-house team.
  • By organizing and mapping this content into a flexible, consumable form, iRunway now enables the in-house team to quickly and easily assess its portfolio for potential business opportunities.

Outcome: With iRunway's help, the client is now able to quickly and efficiently identify 'patents' of interest and evaluate new opportunities for their patent portfolio.