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iRunway has successfully helped different stakeholders in the IP ecosystem unlock and protect the value of patents.

IC Fabrication & EMI Shielding: Evidence of Use

In a litigation involving leading mobile handset manufacturers, iRunway reverse engineered the MEMS on 150+ devices and produced high-definition circuit images to substantiate the infringement contentions.

The IC components on the printed circuit boards were analyzed in detail to separate components protected by an EMI shield. The team also de-layered various IC components to reveal inter-layers connection and conducted x-ray imaging of the package to unearth critical evidence in ASIC and MEMS die to ICs.

The technical analysis and evidence mined through reverse engineering of MEMS and IC components were used to successfully negotiate a favorable settlement with the defendants.

  • 30 Million Lines of Source Code. Few Lines of Evidence. Download PDF »

    Background: The client of a leading New York-based law firm was involved in a patent litigation against other Fortune 500 companies in the domain of contextual search and advertising. Faced a vast database of information, the law firm engaged iRunway to do the technology heavy lifting and identify the best technical evidence of infringement from over 30 million lines of source code and technical documents.

    Insight Delivered:

    • iRunway worked with the lawyers to formulate the infringement theories from the technical documents produced. The team also helped the lawyers identify and request additional documents that corroborated with the infringement theory.
    • Our consultants analyzed over 50 GB of source code and translated the technical aspects of the evidence found in the source code into a language that lawyers understood – establishing patterns and identifying critical similarity and distinctions with the infringement theory.
    • Our team brought the expert up to speed with evidence gathered from source code and helped prepare the expert reports.
    • During depositions, our consultants worked with attorneys to frame the relevant technical questions and provided real-time insights on any deviations in defendant’s testimony, based on knowledge from the source code and other technical aspects of the case.

    Outcome: Armed with technical insights and strong infringement evidence, the law firm was able to drive this case to a favorable, multi-million dollar settlement for its client.

    15 Defendants. 100+ Rule 3 PICs. 2-week Court Deadline. Done! Download PDF »

    Background: Managing multi-defendant patent litigations for a group of clients can be an arduous task for any law firm. Add to this, 2-week court deadline for submitting Rule 3 PICs. Such was the scenario for a leading Texas-based law firm that was representing its clients in a series of multi-defendant patent litigations across various domains, including search engines, data encryption, contact management and online education.

    Insight Delivered: In order to deliver the best possible outcome and manage its fluctuating litigation demands with ease, the firm engaged with iRunway to create an extended litigation support model.

    • iRunway formed a core team across all litigations in order to ensure that the context of the case and tacit knowledge was leveraged across phases in the litigation lifecycle.
    • Our team helped the law firm assess the strength and weakness of each patent and prepared detailed ‘Rule 11’ PICs that acted as a basis for filing each lawsuit. In several litigations, the team prepared over hundred ‘Rule 3’ infringement contentions, covering 15+ defendants within a span of 2-3 weeks and helped the firm file them before stipulated court deadlines.
    • iRunway seamlessly handled the ramp-up/ ramp-down and helped the firm manage the fluctuating demand – a characteristic of any litigation.

    Outcome: From case evaluation to fact-discovery and markman preparation, the 'on-demand' engagement model allowed the law firm to scale at the speed of need and drive better and faster results for its clients.

    Litigation Unbundling Results in Multi-million Dollar Settlements Download PDF »

    Background: A successful plaintiff law firm in the US was representing multiple corporations in 14 patent lawsuits against Fortune 500 technology companies in the domains of networking, software security.and virtualization. To deliver the best possible outcome to its clients, the firm engaged with iRunway to leverage our tech-archeological capabilities. iRunway’s technology skills complemented the firm’s litigation model and served as an intelligent and inexpensive leverage for its lean litigation team.

    Insight Delivered:iRunway's capabilities around "technical archeology" regularly unearthed meaningful insight from overwhelming amounts of data. Delving deep into the defendant's source code consistently worked as a trump card.

    • In a lawsuit against a Fortune 50 software company, the team analyzed over 50,000 pages of technical literature/ API references and found key infringement evidence. iRunway's declaration was successfully used during mediation to counter the defendant’s non-infringement contentions.
    • In another lawsuit in 'network bandwidth management' involving multiple defendants, our team mined crucial evidence from over 22 million lines of source code, helping the law firm prove infringement with ease.
    • We reverse engineered a product workflow in software protection and anti-hacking in less than 10 days, providing the litigators with vital information to demonstrate infringement.

    Outcome: The law firm won multi-million dollar settlements for its clients – through world-class and aggressive lawyering, supported by iRunway's deep insights and technical evidence.