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Soldiers of the Patent Wars
The nature of IP litigation is shifting from using vast armies of review attorneys to SWAT teams of tech experts. Law firms involved in the growing technology patent arena are increasingly relying on technical insights to win the case - and this insight is most likely to come when attorneys, experts and specialty technologists work together. Read more.

Strengthen Your Licensing and Litigation Efforts
Maximize the 'return on investment' of your patents by moving away from 'manual marketplaces' to claim charts that capture your best evidence. Learn more!

Defense Strategies in Patent Litigation
Arm yourself against patent infringement accusations by formulating a defense strategy to overcome threat of monetary damages, without spending huge amounts of time, effort and money.

Are You Open Source Safe?
Open Source accelerates your software development process, but have you done an open source code analysis to ensure that your licenses are in order and your IP is safeguarded?

Increase ROI of Your Patent Portfolio
Don't get caught in the web of low-value patents. Having a customizable and dynamic patent portfolio analysis solution will help you get better ROI.
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